Starting A Travel Blog

Well, trust us to go and start a travel blog and YouTube channel just before the whole world is put on lockdown!

So you may have read the title to this post and thought you might find tips on how to start your own travel blog. I’m so very sorry to disappoint, the only one I have at the minute is to not start one when a global pandemic has been declared!

On a serious note, yes, we are totally bummed our new adventure has gotten off to a very disappointing start and our trips we had planned are more than likely going to get cancelled. Planning anything else for the rest of the year… possibly longer, is gut wrenching to say the least! But, so far we are so, so grateful our family is safe and well.

The fact Michael is still having to go to work each day, is quite frankly terrifying. We would much prefer him home in what is our safe haven right now, as I’m sure every other family in the same situation would too. My heart goes out to those who are literally risking their lives every day and not only the doctors and nurses; shop workers, posties, delivery drivers too. Who’s to say they don’t catch the virus from someone who has simply touched a packet, a box or gate before them. It really is quite scary when you sit and think about it for a minute.

Speaking of which, I have spent a long time thinking about things. I’ve been watching the news pretty much constantly, searching Google for new information about what this virus actually is, where it came from. Pretty much worrying myself to pieces. It’s only up until now I’ve stopped. This is not healthy!

I needed to change this habit and give myself something else to focus on. I now only watch the daily news update at teatime. I’m focusing on being in the garden, watching the boys play whilst soaking up the warm sunshine. We’ve also found a love of baking together, which I don’t know if this is a good or bad thing… It’s definitely not good for our waistlines! I’m all for putting a smile on our faces at the moment.

Which brings me onto the blog. When the news broke, as I said, my attention wavered over to other things. The posts I had planned I didn’t fancy writing. The videos I still had to edit I didn’t fancy finishing. I see now, this was the worst thing I could have done, I’ve since finished editing the first of our Gran Canaria videos and will be posting that over on YouTube shorty! I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to filling the blog with lovely stories from our previous trips and sharing plans of ones in the future. There’s absolutely tons of places we have on our bucket list so might do a few research posts about these too.

Thinking and planning trips is just as exciting as taking them for us. This is what makes us happy and seeing this website and our YouTube grow with all our adventures is going to be something so special, especially for us to look back on. Even writing this now, sat on the sofa, locked down in the middle of a global crisis I can see us reading this back in a few years, remembering the time we decided to start a travel blog when the world was officially closed.

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