The Submarine Adventure – Puerto de Mogán, Gran Canaria

Have you ever taken a ride in a yellow submarine? Neither had we until we arrived in Gran Canaria! If you ever have the chance I recommend you don’t miss it.

I found myself both excited and anxious all at the same time, the boys however were ecstatic and couldn’t wait to climb on.

We decided to hop on the free shuttle bus which picks you up from most of the major resorts in Gran Canaria 3 times per day. (I’ll add the list down below) We had already bought our tickets (coupons) from the rep in our hotel as the prices were exactly the same as buying them from the kiosk itself.

The coach took us straight into Puerto de Mogán stopping a few times on the way to pick up more passengers. This wasn’t a problem and didn’t cause the journey to take much longer. We followed the guide through the bustling flower lined streets down towards the marina. If you can I would try as spend as long as you can here, I can’t put in to words how pretty it was. Most of the streets were narrow as we got closer to the water. There were plenty of shops to buy perfumes and clothing, there was a busy market selling local wares and produce the day we were there. I’m not sure if this would be a weekly occurrence but it was a fabulous atmosphere.

We headed straight to the kiosk to make sure we exchanged our tokens for tickets and got our place in the submarine. We had a bit of time to spare so made our way to a lovely bar to have a drink while we waited. It was right at the end of the port where it met the open sea. It had a great view from the first floor overlooking the markets and marina. We soaked up the atmosphere whilst we waited for our time to roll around.

It was time to embark the submarine, the boys had to finish their lollies they’d bought minutes before quickly as they don’t allow food or drink on board. This is where my nerves kicked in, although I could hardly tell them apart from the excitement!

We were greeted by smartly dressed crew who helped us down the ladders into the depths of the submarine. It’s not how I imagined somehow. It was very modern inside with led lights and comfortable stools to sit on. Port holes lined each side of the cabin and earphones were ready and waiting for you to plug in to the sound system. Already docked in the marina we could see fish swimming around us.

It wasn’t until we were out to sea the the real magnitude of life under the ocean became apparent. All sorts of fish swam alongside us in sholes as we dove deeper towards the ocean floor. The tilt of the submarine was something I wasn’t expecting either. It was like driving down a steep gradient hill. Our ears didn’t pop which was surprising, I’m guessing we hadn’t gone down deep enough.

As we levelled off along the sea bed the submarine took a course around ruins and a ship wreck. The boys (especially Charlie) were really into seeing these, we’d already mentioned we might see a ship wreck from what we had heard already but actually seeing it for themselves was the best experience, Charlie gave some great reactions!

Here’s the video from our trip if you fancy a watch…

The trip took about an hour in total although it seemed to fly by. It’s very much worth the fee of around £73 (€31.50 Adults & €16 children 0-12) just to see and hear the reactions of the children! (And adults!) After disembarking Spencer and Charlie both received a certificate each which was a fabulous keepsake of their first trip in a submarine.

If we have the chance again we would do it all over again!

It is good to note that before you enter down into the submarine the crew offer to take your photograph, the photo is then offered to you after you disembark for a fee. Please be aware; although the top of the submarine does have some degree of non slip material it still is quite slippy so please take care.

Have you ever had a ride on a submarine? Let us know where and when in the comments section below! How did you feel diving to the depths of the ocean?! Would you do it again?

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