Welcome to SeeTheWorldWithTheKids.com! We are the Hall Family; a family of 4… Mum (Nikki), Dad (Michael), Spencer and Charlie.

Based in the UK we will be sharing our travels and adventures with you along with…

  • Travel tips for travelling as a family
  • Travelling with allergies (Charlie has a peanut allergy)
  • Budget and Luxury trips
  • Tried and tested reviews of everything from Accommodation to Flights to Car Hire

We’ll show the best of zoo’s and wildlife parks, attractions and themeparks not only here in the UK but in every place we visit wherever our travels may take us. Each one of our visits will be available to view on our YouTube channel here.

Here’s a few facts about us!

Michael – Hard working and fun loving. He loves sport and going out for meals. He’s not scared of trying new things. Dream bucket list destination… Machu Picchu, Peru.

Nikki – Creative and thoughtful. She loves any sort of craft and also loves to go out for meals, however, she’s a bit of a wimp when it comes to trying new things! Although she’s starting to be a little more adventurous whilst travelling. Dream bucket list destination… The Maldives.

Spencer – 11 year old whizz kid. Ask him anything to do with animals or dinosaurs and he’ll tell you everything you need to know. His favourite things to do are to travel, play games, read and eat! Dream bucket list destination… Everywhere!

Charlie – 6 year old comedian. Not sure if it’s a second born trait but he is such a character, he’s at his happiest when he’s making people smile. He also loves animals and dinosaurs and loves learning from his brother. Charlie also loves his food but isn’t as brave to try different things as much as his Dad and Spencer are. This is partly to do with his peanut allergy which he is very aware of despite the fact we control it well. Dream bucket list destinations… Florida and Australia.

Why do we want to travel?

“The greatest legacy we can leave to our children is happy memories”

Og Mandino

Since the boys have gotten older and we feel like we’ve become a little less nervous about Charlie’s peanut allergy we have found our passion for travel. Even the boys love seeing different places, cultures and wildlife… (especially wildlife!) And we firmly believe that to leave our children with lasting memories rather than things is the best ‘thing’ we can give to them. Our aim is to ‘see the world with the kids’ or at least visit every continent! – The world’s a big place!

We truly hope this site and our social channels will become a helpful and inspiring resource to help plan your own family adventures. In the meantime we look forward to having you around!

Much love,

The Hall Family x

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